Wait on the LORD: be of good courage,
and he shall strengthen thine heart;
wait, I say, on the LORD.
- Psalm 27:14
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Segment #5 Pastor Steve Wuori 10/11/09

So now as we look into the church law, such as it is known, and we should probably go slowly, because we often assume things that aren't really there. In the 15th verse, "moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, so we see there first of all two things. We have a brother and that could be a natural brother, but it could also mean, I especially think, a spiritual brother. And I think that it would be fair that we could also say sister, because we are all one or the other. And so we can conclude that it is a brother or sister. This applies to all the children of God. And by that he is "thy brother", that implies that you are both believing children of God. And also he has trespassed against you. There is no question about that. Jesus said so. We don't have to interpret whether there has been a trespass here, but he says if thy brother shall trespass against thee. So, it is very personal, this one. It is something that is often the most painful when a trespass, when an offense has been created against me personally. And you can feel that. You feel wronged. You feel the urge to get back at them, and you start looking into the 18th chapter of Matthew, to think about how that might apply down the road, don't you, don't I? But here it says, he has trespassed against thee. What do you do? Go and tell him. First of all, the onus is on you, to go and to tell him. Philip, when he was observing the chariots coming by, coming from Jerusalem and back to Ethiopia, the Spirit said to him, "Go and attach yourself unto that chariot." The Spirit did not even tell him there was a special man inside of the chariot, He just said, "There is a chariot going by, go and attach yourself unto that chariot," and when he got there, he discovered a man who was reading from Isaiah. The Ethiopian enuch could not understand what he was reading. Philip was able to open the Scriptures to him and reveal to him the Lord Jesus Chirst and that man was converted there. Because when the Spirit said, go, Philip went. And therefore the exhortation is, go!

How many times when someone has trespassed against us, do we simply not go? We just don't go, we just avoid them. We just figure that we are not going to get along, we sort of lick our wounds and think I am just going to go on about my life and it is all the luckier if I don't run into that person again. But here it says, "if your brother trespass again you, you go and tell him. What do you tell him? You tell him his fault. And I think that many times there are great errors made here, that do damage even unto this beautiful order that Jesus has put before us. Because sometines when we do pluck up the courage to go, we start up with something like this. "I have harbored bad thoughts about you. And they respond and say, "I am sorry that you have harbored about me." And then you are no place. You are no where at all. Don't go and tell him your fault. We will come to that later on. Go and tell him his fault.

Pastor Steve Wuori
Posted on 11 Oct 2009 by Pastor Orval Wirkkala
Excerpt #4 Pastor Steve Wuori 10/08/09

And the story that he tells that is associated with this is a familiar one, concerning the hundred sheep, one of them gone astray, doesn't he leave the ninety and nine to go into the mountains and seek the one that is gone astray? And if he does find it, verily, I say unto you, he rejoices more in that sheep than the ninety and nine that went not astray? You almost have to look at this same account in the Gospel of Luke to understand exactly what he is saying, because he actually says that this is what this story means and that is that if there are one hundred in the wilderness, in the wild, in the world, living where we live, ninety and nine need no repentance, but one needs repentance. That there is more rejoicing in heaven over that one what repents than over the ninety and nine who need no repentance.

Where is your heart this evening, where is my heart this evening? Where is the heart of anyone that may be here this evening, who has not tasted of the goodness of God, to whom God is just a concept, a thought, a figurehead, a figure of mystery, where you feel that basically you are a good person, that if you were stacked up against others in our society, you would be at least somewhere in the middle, maybe on the high end even, in terms of how good a person you are, how little bad you do. Are you one of the ninety and nine or are you that one, who as the publican, as he went to pray, could only pray, "Lord, be merciful to me a sinner". Remember that there is great rejoicing in heaven, when the Word of God is needed, when the Lord Jesus Christ is needed, when there is even one heart out of an hundred, even one heart that needs forgiveness, that desires to repent, that has godly sorrow for all that they are and all that they do. There is great rejoicing in heaven over that one. And we think that he must be done with the children, but he isn't quite, because he says it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

When we think of the love that Jesus has for children, let us treat them very carefully. We so much take them for granted, as they run around, they make noise, they are a lot of work, and yet, how precious they are, Jesus has said so, we don't have to say that. We don't have to decide that, for Jesus has told us how precious these little ones are. So as we delve now into the adult part of this text we have before us, let us remember that the little children watch, they listen, they hear, they see. Let us remember that all that we do as adults we must reflect upon the effect upon the children. How is their heart being affected? Is it being uplifted in joy? Are they seeing humility and restoration and peace? Or are they seeing strife, confusion and anger?

Pastor Steve Wuori
Posted on 08 Oct 2009 by Pastor Orval Wirkkala

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Segment #5 Pastor Steve Wuori 10/11/09
- Posted by Pastor Orval Wirkkala

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