Wait on the LORD: be of good courage,
and he shall strengthen thine heart;
wait, I say, on the LORD.
- Psalm 27:14
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God's Waiting Room 11.6.2016
Dear friend,
In the 13th Psalm a question with which many are familiar with is cried out: How long, Lord?

How many of us are suffering from a prolonged illness and are crying out, How long, Lord?
How many of us are feeling the frailities of aging, are waiting for our eternal resting place and are crying to our Father in heaven, How long, Lord?

How many of us are struggling with grief at the death or sickness of a loved one and are asking, How long,, Lord?

How many of us are in a relationship in which we are not growing together but is stagnant? We are asking, how long, Lord?

How many of us feel as if the Lord is not near and we are asking, How long, Lord?

How many of us__________________________________________________________and are crying, How long, Lord?

David, described in the scriptures as a man after God's own heart, experienced these feelings and emotions that caused him to cry out to God, "How long, Lord?"

A few weeks ago in a message it was said that helplessness and faith equals prayer. Psalm 13 gives us an example by which that may be illustrated. David cried out in his helplessness, but then asked God to consider and hear his prayer, which was that his eyes would be opened so that he could see God for who He really was. After this he stated that he has trusted in God's mercy, and as a result of that trust his heart would rejoice in the salvation of God and he will sing unto the Lord for his goodness to him.

May we be encouraged today from the scriptures which will be considered in our times of worship and fellowship together. May we be encouraged even in the midst of our cries of "how long, Lord," which seem to go on and on, that there is an end to them and one day faith will become sight. In that place of eternal rest and joy, The Lamb, Jesus Christ, will feed us, will lead us unto fountains of living waters and God shall wipe away all our tears from our eyes. He will not pass the kleenex box to us so that we might wipe our own tears, but He will take the
kleenex and tenderly and lovingly wipe away all our tears from our eyes.

Until that day, we wait‚€¦‚€¦..

How do we pray to God when we are asking how long? We may not be asking ‚€œwhy‚€Ě but instead we are asking how long, Lord? Let us see what David did in his distress. The why questions looks for meaning while the how long questions is asking for strength and endurance. It is a cry of trust.

His anxiety (He lays out his heart before God)
KJV Psalm 13:1 How long wilt thou forget me, O LORD? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me?

2 How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? how long shall mine enemy be exalted over me?
His prayer to God (He lifts us to God his specific need)

3 Consider and hear me, O LORD my God: lighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death;

4 Lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him; and those that trouble me rejoice when I am moved.

His song of faith (He remembers the revelation and the promises of God and is strengthened and encouraged.

5 But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.
6 I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.

Here are couple of fellow believers who undoubtedly have found themselves in either the why or how long question, but by faith are ‚€œseeing‚€Ě God in His saving grace and mercy. They are living in peace.

Peter's first words this morning: "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!" Peter and Joy feel the peace that passes all understanding and desire that above all, God would be glorified! Peter is pain free and very clear minded. He loved his walk outside yesterday and we plan more of the same. Truly, the great amount of love and prayers coming from all sides is beautifully overwhelming! Thank you all!! The family of Peter Bergstedt.

Losing my wife to ALZ/Dementia has been very life changing. Somehow God has enabled be to recognize that all good gifts come from him and I understand that much good has come out of the situation. Knowing she is seemingly going to join members of our families soon and will then have a new body gives joy to me. There will be no night there for the Lord will be our light forever and ever. Let us walk in the light as He is in the light. My oldest brother, Allan

How is it with you today, my dear friend? Are the burdens that cause us to ask why or how long more than you can bear? If so, cry out to God with your questions of Him, let Him know the specifics, and ask Him to speak to you from His heart and Word. He speaks mercy and salvation to all who call upon Him in their need. He cares and is waiting for us to share our burdens with Him, for it is as the Apostle Peter wrote: ‚€œCast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.‚€Ě

We are waiting for that great and glorious day with all the saints.

Pastor Orval Wirkkala
Posted on 06 Nov 2016 by Pastor Orval Wirkkala
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